About Us

Buxton Consulting has been in business since 1993. Buxton was founded with the single minded focus of enabling our client success through a relentless focus on execution using the right expertise.

Our experienced consultants serve are viewed as trusted advisors by our clients and are consulted on most issues that our clients care about at any given point in time. Our consultants believe in using their expertise to leave Clients better informed on the topics that are of interest to the IT and business leaders and help them select options germane to them in a given strategic situation. This helps develop and nurture the trusted advisor relationship that we strive to achieve with all of our clients.

90 percent of our clients are repeat clients

The challenges in the 90s and the first decade of this millennium are different from the challenges we face today. Globalization has leveled the playing field and has provided even the smallest of companies in the smallest of countries access to a world wide client base. Buxton has been able to succeed in this global marketplace because of its ability to hire and retain “leaders” who have the vision and expertise to decompose business critical issues and deliver repeatable results.

At Buxton Consulting, we measure our success based on the success of our clients. Corporations across the world value leadership skills and an ability to get things done. We believe in deploying leaders to our client sites to enable our clients to achieve success.

We believe in hiring only experienced people. The average experience of our consultants is over eight years of experience.

The themes that constantly reinforce the Buxton growth story are our focus on deploying experts, our deep understanding of execution, a level of simplicity that cuts through layers of noise, and an unrelenting commitment till success is achieved. Over 90% of Buxton’s clients are repeat clients.