Testing Services

The testing phase accounts nearly a third of the software development life cycle. Detecting defects early in the process can save your corporation millions of dollars in project costs. Millions of dollars are also wasted to fixing defects that are found after the project has been deployed.

Project teams around the world are under constant pressure to deploy their solutions faster and the easiest phase to “short-change” has been the testing phase. Agility and expertise in the testing process have become extremely critical to achieving the testing goals in a compressed timeline.

Buxton’s Testing Services provides a comprehensive portfolio of

  • Functional and Technical Testing for Oracle e-Business Suite
  • Testing services for custom developed applications
  • Testing as a Service, which assures project quality without the associated overheads of managing the testing
  • Automated Testing using industry leading tools
  • Testing Center of Excellence, which provides an independent 24x7x365 testing arm

Our testing services enable you to:

  • Achieve Peace of mind of knowing that your software initiatives are tested for performance and  business functionality
  • Improve the credibility  of IT in the eyes of the business
  • Reduce the dependence  on business users for performing testing
  • Increase the confidence of your external and internal auditors who like the fact that the testing  is performed by an independent team

With our Testing Services, you not only reduce your cost of testing, but also increase the reliability of your environment.

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